• Zobele group

Zobele Group is a leading manufacturer of dispensing devices and the leading global supplier in the Air Care and Pest Control sector, serving most of the fast-moving consumer goods companies on the international market. Founded one hundred years ago, Zobele Group is a worldwide business that understands the importance of providing its customers with outstanding product innovations, world-class industrial performance.
The Company has a unique range of products and services to supply worldwide, through innovation partnerships, development agreements and contract manufacturing. Zobele Group offers a wide spectrum of Home, Health and Personal Care products thanks to its global industrial and development footprint.


From the concept through to manufacturing, the products are designed and engineered with a special focus on safety, manufacturability, cost and product quality and superior services. Group’s distinctive approach is a fully integrated business model based on One-Stop Shop solutions. The Company provides customers with distinctive innovation, product development, global manufacturing and distribution capabilities. With 7 plants on 4 continents, the Company’s global presence secures exclusivity and uniqueness in the target markets.
Our employees live and breathe our Values every day: Teamwork, Integrity, Passion for what we do, Excellence in our performance and Recognition through empowerment.